Laptop Wanted

Anyone have or can get a New higher end Laptop that has a cracked or non functional screen that they want to sell. People have them around, they just don’t know what to do with them because replacement screens are like 1500 bucks, I’m really serious about buying one if anyone knows anybody, I’d prefer built in wireless as an option.

you still looking for a possible laptop ? I have one at the house that everything worked fine, even the screen, but the hinge broke, so I tore it apart, found out it was too broke to fix, and never put it back together. Its a travelmate 220 i think. lemme know.

Yeah, What are the specs on it? Model number? manufacturer? how much?

I will write me a note and get you some pictures and more specs tonight. All I can remember is :
Manu: Acer
Model: travelmate 220
Processor is like 1.2ghz or 1.7 maybe
I will find out tonight and take some pictures.

Sounds good