lambo bites it.

sence this is the Fictional racing section. I raced a lambo in my chevy sprint turbo last night. we were cruzing down freeway 69 and he came up behind me. i was like o hell no. so he got next to me and was just sittin there lookin at me. i was like wtf you want no part of this. i have 1L to kick your over priced butt with. So i got on it and just left him sittn there in a cloud of tire smoke and dust. so we get up to a texico and he pulls in behind me. i get out of my sprint turbo and he looks at me then says " man that was bad ass. you want to trade? stright across no bs." so i was like " i was like no way dude this is a sprint turbo"

LOL! Sweet!!! Most EXCELLENT! I love it. I wouldn’t have done it either, unless you were gonna pay his insurance on the sprint and he was gonna keep paying the Lambo insurance. lol

  • Darron

YEA! Score one for a tuner!

Tuners Code of Honor - Rule #12
Loser always pays for the first round of beers.

Ah the code! Yes, we must adhere to the code!

That is crazy sweet!!