Krux Project

Figure I would post them up. I swear to I made a post back in the day about this and I can’t find it. Now I don’t remember the dates so I figured i would just kind of post them up and you can see the progression over the years.

July 2003(2001 Stock MTX). Was 16 years old when I got it and in high school.

I think around July 2004 now. Got my Corbeau racing seats and my enkei Rs6 rims on it. Other stuff too I had in there as well. Don’t have pic’s to show it.

(look at the e-brake handle. You could tell I was in high school)

Around 2005 she became a summer/weekend car.

Carbon Fiber hood(zxtuner) and front ww lip

(Iceman, Kami, Painted 98 valve cover,trubendz exhaust, zxtuner upd, sct’s)

2006(I think)

Interior setup


(Changed the interior a little bit again. Making the bottom board knowing one day I would figure a design that would complete it.


(All done by me and painting)


-Then some rims to go with it and new paint for calipers and more cleaning up on sway bars and everything. With the help of Johnp figuring out were to clean up and making it a complete show car. I have stuck by his words to this day and continued to go on with it. Here are more pic’s.

-Now for the last two weeks I have been doing this. Again the interior has to be perfect in my mind. So do it right the first time

Mods:(If its even all of them)

-Valve Cover 98 Swap
-Fuel Rail 98 Swap
-Iceman Intake
-Ported Throttle Body
-Zxtuner Udp
-Sct 4 Positive Switch Chip
-Zex Nitrous Kit
-Crower Intake Camshaft
-Kamikaze Header w/ 2.5 Down pipe
-Trubendz Catback Exhaust System 2.25 W/Magnaflow Muffler

-Wings West Kit
-Drag 17” Rims
-Kumho Esta’s 716 Tires(205/45/R17)
-Painted Calipers & Drums
-19mm Escort Rear Sway Bar
-Progress Springs
-Tockio Struts

-Twm Short Shifter
-Svt Shift Boot
-S/R Shift Knob
-Sony Flip Down Headunit
-Rockford Fosegate Amp
-Power Acostics Capactor
-Poineer Shallow Sub w/Custom Seriouszx2 box
-A/F Gauge & Amp Temp Gauge
-Fiberglass Switch Panel
-Corbeua Racing Seats
-Crow Racing Harness
-Custom Made Display Boards w/Yellow2000sr vinyl

Weight Reduction
-Rear Seats Gone
-Racing Seats
-Lighter Header
-Lighter Udp
-Rear Spare Out
-Lighter Rims

Dyno’ed at 161whp and 185lbs with only a 55 shot and 2 degrees retarded from my sct tune which I didn’t want but he did it to make it safe. Now that is fixed i should be making around 175-185whp and over 200lbs of torque at the wheels as well.



As most of you know I do a insane car wash. I am a huge guy in detailing and my work comes out what most people say “phenomenal”. People have been bidding lately asking how much I would charge for there cars. With this It took around 15 products(pic below). Here are the results and some of the pic’s I took of the steps.

(Wax taken off)

Results of washing, 3 step,plastic x, etc(will get more pic’s later)

Also when doing this. The bags are for so the rotors never to get that rusty look. The rotors are in fact painted as well in the middle to prevent that rust look. On top of it I just take that extra precaution. The rims itself get taken off one at a time to get a thoroughly clean as well. It gets 4 products just for the rim’s itself.

If you have any questions about detailing feel free to e-mail me. We have around 40 products easily around the house since each car has a different application I use.

Also got cam gears from Johnp on this deal. Figure I would post the pic’s up as well(Yes forgot to put the black piece on my 98 valve cover.

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Does that work? Let me know if it does or not. I was having issues earlier.

You left some swirl marks on the car in the bumper shot, right about at the license plate! :lol: :lol:


Looks spectacular. You painted your own WW kit? I plan on doing some painting my self later in the summer. I’ll PM you when i’m ready, maybe you can help me through it!

Ya pm me up ill help you out with as much as I can. Ya the swirls are out to get me. I can’t win on photobucket with it seems. When going for the car of the month last month on a site. I had it on my roof. Gosh did I feel stupid. Thanks for the complements.

you need a bigger spoiler.

Like those old T2???