Kiddie Rides Car Show Video

Well here is revision one of the Video from the car show.

The video itself is actually 7 mins and some-what seconds long, however, I have about 3 mins of blank space at the end for some reason. this is only the 1st edit… I wanted to put something forth for your viewing pleasures!

nice video mark!!! man those vultyres circled a lot.

Ans damn My car looked good running

I liked the vid. Man I wish I could have made it. Stupid Storm.

The miata blew its tire? Man that sucks.

That is only the 1st edit! Im still waiting for the other tape so I can get some of my footage in there! lol!

We missed you Nick! it was so much fun!

Yeah the black miata blew its tire… sucked for him. I deleted the voice audio, but in the original you can hear someone go “I hope hes got a AAA card!”

Well, count me in on the first meet next season in PA or Eastern NY.

You got it nick. watching your ZX2 pass out mark would have been priceless. lol

good vid

You’re really amused by him circling you 'eh? :wink:

Looks pretty good to me. Those last three minutes are best though.

  • Darron

I warned everyone!!! lol! dont know where it came from though…

My car made it to DRoptoberfest web site.

damnit! if only I had been there earlier I could have gotten a place right next to you and I would be in by default!!!

next year mark!

Ir0nMarC (11:23:09 PM):

more footage from the show