Katie officially has a running ninja now :)

After losing a ton of gas due to the float bowls leaking due to bad o-rings and a lot of patience i got the carbs tuned to the right mixture using quarter turns. I think it still needs just a tad bit of fine tuning but it wouldn’t even do full throttle before, in fact, it died out at HALF throttle so the problem is solved. However, due to the float bowls leaking SO BADLY and the bike not getting fuel (which is my assumption) correctly it sputters every now and then.

For the most part this bike is alive and can be ridden, however… the float bowls leak like a son of a bitch and just to make sure it doesn’t catch fire i drained both float bowls after i was done working on it.

But just as proof… i present to you all…


You’ll have to excuse the audio, the exhaust was overpowering the sound of the engine itself running so if you turn it up enough you can hear it Smile

After it got warmed up after the video it finally decided to idle right, it still needs fine tuning but its way better than when i actually rode it back from La Pine.

great to hear you have that thing running right


WOHO! Soon to have another rider amoungst us!!