Any suggestions as to how this works, or its purpose? I just wanted to get an idea in case I’ve already broken a rule or two.

idk either but now i want to find out. CHris chim in now

lol I have no idea what its used for. lol I will see if its anythign useful. I can get rid of it if you want?

i just noticed that i have a better karma rating than you chris. im at a +10

i could smite you if it bothers you having so high a karma lol

I have more Karma than all of you combined :stuck_out_tongue:

you keep that up and i will smite you cheater… lol

LMAO, see what happens when you piss off the forums god?

lol… and I bumped up my posts count :stuck_out_tongue: WOOT!

See, when I saw the ranking system I was kinda afriad if my posts ever got that high, cuz “Master ZXTuner” sounded rather cool to me, but then the ranks just got sad.


I think it’s for if somebody is cool, helps out or something like that… Then you give them good karma. To let others know they are cool. Or something like that.

For some reason, I can’t give Karma.

I think you need to be a member to do it… (Post count based) I couldn’t do it before, and then all of a sudden it popped up, saying smite etc.

I see. Well once I’m able, I can give roushzx2 his karma point for a good transaction with the 98 valve cover.