How come every video i look at of an escort with a kamikaze header sounds like crap???

Lol it’s hard to find a really good setup that sounds good. The borla sounds alright, but once you get into function over focus of cool factor, performance doesn’t always “sound great” lol.

If you looking for a nice exhaust note… I ran a 2.5" SS trubendz exhaust with a bolora muff, and the stock manifold and cat. It was nice and mellow deep tone. Then I added a hotshot and holy hell did it get loud lol. But I also felt more pep.

cause i have the stock manifold still on it after going through 3 sets of pacesetter headers but i sort of bored out the exhaust ports a little bigger so it has more flow. only true exhaust components i have is a 2 1/4 in. custom catback exhaust with a top speed muffler which sounds pretty deep. but im afraid that the kamikaze might make it sound like a pissed off weedeater on steriods haha.

I’m not sure exactly what it will sound like. But I do know the kami will make it alot louder lol. Unless you tone it down with a resonator or a high flo cat.