K+N air filter / dash kit

I managed to salvage the K + N out of my old ZX2. Everybody probably already has one, but I need to get rid of it and what’s left of my recharge kit (used once).

Also…I have my old ZX2 dash kit that’s in good shape.

Make an offer.

how much do you want for the filter?

What’s included in the dashkit? I guess I’m unfamiliar with what a dashkit is.

I guess $20 for the filter and recharge kit plus shipping. The filter is in good physical shape, but could use a good cleaning.

The dash kit is the stereo/AC adaptor. I’m thinking $15 for the kit plus shipping is pretty fair. I will put pictures of both items in my gallery when I get a chance.


I definitely want that kit bobby, do you have paypal? how much for the shipping to 54961?

If you don’t have paypal, I can send you a check for that dash kit. :wink: :slight_smile:

  • Darron

Easy Foos, never said I couldn’t mail a check either…ur such a vulcher (sp?) lol. I’ll let you know how well the kit goes into my car foos. Tell you what, I’ll even take a picture for you! lol. :smiley:

I already have one in my car…wanna see it? I’m lookin’ for one for my fiance’s recent aquirement. We’re tryin’ to keep costs on stuff down seeing’s how she’s got the car payment now. But $40’s not bad for a new kit since she already has a head unit.

By the way…it’s VULTURE. :slight_smile: lol

  • Darron

lol, man, you want to know something pathetic, i don’t even remember typing that this morning and especially not spelling vulture wrong. I was almost Wisconsin State spelling champ back in my young days. color me embarrassed. :oops:

So the moral of today’s story kids, is that averaging 4 hours a sleep a night for almost 3 months (not even lying) has a huge impact on your overall performance!

Gitt, you have mail…I think…

Foos, I guess Gitt has first dibbs, but if things don’t work out I will let you know…if you are still interested.

Sounds fair to me…I guess…

~elbows Gitt in ribs and then runs away screaming like a li’l girl~

  • Darron

How much for both?
Can u ship to \/\/ashington $tate?