Just when you thought the Metro already got good mileage...

Metro hacked for 100mpg

OMG HACKS! Haha, seriously though interesting article. There are a lot of people doing these mods. On top of these was a guy about a year ago who converted his Ninja 250 into a battery powered ninja 250. Lasts for 80 miles, charge it up when you get home, go again… Cheap, affordable… heavy… but very cool.

Innovative and intuitive that people are doing some of these as HOME projects!

lol, love teh hacks

So are you guys thinking what I am thinking? Trading in our car cars for a geo?

I’d rather feed 'em all to the spotted owls.

I’d rather get a ninja 250 and make that get 100 mpg.

Easier, more fun.

True the ninja would be a fun bike for sure. I keep thinking about getting one. But I have way to many toys as it is.

They can be had SO cheap! Awesome to ride too, seriously. I got to ride one for the weekend when I took my msf and had a blast on it, when they were actually letting us ride the things. haha.

The corners and cone weaves were great on it.