Just Getting Started...

I recently bought a red 2001 ZX2. Right now, it’s completely stock, except for the sound system. I’ll be trading away my Halo 3 Edition XBOX 360 for a K&N Cold Air Intake.

First: I haven’t actually seen the intake yet. When inspecting it, is there anything I should look for, or anything that I should ask the guy who has it?

Second: Okay. A short history lesson, followed by a question. My cheating ex and I broke up after almost two years of a long distance roller coaster of a relationship. I forked over so much money in the form of plane tickets and other crap. Well, now I figure I owe myself something. So I want to start slowly working on making this car my own. It’s going to be a slow process, taking some time, seeing as I also have tuition to pay for.

I’m not wanting to go all out with the best of the best parts. I just want to make it more fun to drive and more fun to look at, but nothing extreme.

Right now I’m sitting on a couple hundred bucks and I’m eager to get started. What should I do?

(Also, this is all new to me, so if you don’t mind, I will most likely have a lot of questions. Thanks in advance for your patience and effort).

A intake is a goodplace to start. Most people on here would not buy a k&n intake for over $100 FYI. Most guys swear by the MMI intake made my overkillengineeringmotorsports aka OEM.

Other good mods to start with would be a UDP, 21mmrear sway bar (thesecan be had off of older escorts @ ajunk yard. There are a couple other easy mods such as the knock mod, which is simply unplugging the knock sensor because it is overly sensitive, and this will help make the car run smoother.

Also I sell superchips for $125 shipped flashed to your ECU.

I’m goin with the k&n right now simply because it’s free-ish. I got an extra xbox360 for free, fixed it, and I’m trading it for the intake. I’m on google but can’t find the answer…what is a UDP and where do I find one?

I was just saying, most people go with the MMI.

A UDP is a under drive pulley. You can find them on here possibly, teamzx2, ebay, or maybe some other web sites. I know zxtuner.com carries them. This pulley replaces the stock crank serp. pulley it makes the accessories turn slower so their for less power from the engine to power the accessories= more power for the wheels. The most sought after though are the powder UDP’s they are the smallest and give you like 5WHP.

these also make a decent amout of power vs. stock (the chips i sell) http://teamzx2.com/threads/13843-Superc … ed-6-15-10

I’m gonna check into these UDPs, see if I can afford one or not.

I was actually reading that same thread in another window! I’ve seen people mention different numbers in regards to your chips. How do I know which one to get for my ECU?