Just asking

Anyone over here in LA?

I live about four to five hours depending on your local traffic

Well, theres one. I’m looking to set up a zx2 meet. Anyone else?

all stock but some neons at the moment… but i live in texarkana… im in maybe.

Heh, ok thats 2, kinda. :wink:

I live in Simi Valley so i don’t think that is too far.

Ok, 3 now, sorta. :slight_smile: I need to recruit a few more members on the west coast.

A zx2 meet would be pretty sweet.

I have a ZX2 meet in Las Vegas during the weekend of November 17-19. It will include a 1/4 mile drag event at LVMS and an AutoX event with the LVRSCCA.

We recently had one in San Diego and there were 12 ZX2s and a 3rd Gen there. Check out http://www.teamzx2.com/index.php/board,90.0.html for other SoCali tuners and events.

Nice! Though my car is no where near ready for a 1/4 mile race.

That’s cool. We had a Vegas meet in August and getting drunk at the other guys’ hotel room was the funnest part. If you’re MTX, you’ll still be faster than me. A local zxtuner with bald tires and an Iceman took me by almost half a second in September. I go for fun, not to compete.

Cool. Hey I saw on the 10 freeway today a blue ZX2 with a tan interior that had a model dual exhaust. Not like mirror’s but with the two pipes on the same side. Plus where I live in Silver Lake I saw a white 02 with custom rims. There are other tuners out here, just gotta find em.