July 6th photos

Here are some pics for you enjoyment! I went and washed her today so naturally I had to take photos! also check out her new painted interior peices. Shes not done but its a start!



you put a new facia on it?

No…that was stock on the '03s.

i thought… maybe… hmmm… maybe it was someone else’s zx2 that… someone on here has the same color different year then. brainfart.

Looking good Mark!! :smiley:


Thanks everyone!

ROFLMAO! We have the same steering wheel cover! LOL

  • Darron


What’s funny is when I was looking at the pics of your car Mark I was thinking “Its like looking in Darron’s car except not…” Lol!!


Whoo Hoo. Fellow 03 owner. She looks awsome.

Thanks Maverick and Miranda and everyone else!

looking really good…

how many '03s do we have on here?

Well, thats two so far, me and Ironmark.

4 then so far…me and nodnarb

awesome! Us 03’s are taking over!

Sure rub it in to us chumps that bought our cars before, or are such good drivers we don’t get in accidents requiring purchase of a new car. :wink:

  • Darron

I totally would have gotten a '03 if it wasn’t for finances. Oh well I am still gonna show love for my '99, lol.


Well, like you said Darron, the differences are purely surface level. :smiley:

…umm i love my '03…im pretty happy!