Jayco Intake Manifold

working on an intake manifold for the zx2 laso thought about making an one inch spacer that would allow us to adapt the jackson supercharger to the zx2 head…

You would have thought that Jackson Racing would have come out with a Mani for the Zx2 if that’s all it was.

This should make things a little more interesting when deciding on purchasing the SEAM or JR S/C.

the point is i dont think jackson care been in touvh with them several times and the general concensus that i got from them is that they dont care!

Yea Ive been in touch with them and POwerworks on a S/C and i got the same feeling . No interest.

well if we cant have them join us we will build one without them

I think people would prefer one for the Powerworks S/C because it is a Whipple design where as the Jackson Racing is a Roots design.

wouldn’t matter as far as what charger you used since the all bolt on the focus head all we have to do is machine a spacer that mates to the supercharger as a focus and the the head as a zx2 the design team as skepticle as they are think me can make one and then all we have to do is change a few braces and such and you guys or girls as the case maybe will be in business.