Jayco Automotive 2.0L Zetec Performance Engine

Jayco performance engines are built using premium quality JE and Sealed Power parts, providing peace of mind and assurance of durability and a long trouble free life. Engines are built using hand selected cores that are rigorously inspected for cracks, imperfections and warping. Blocks are sent to be cleaned and pressure checked. After this they are then measured and sonically tested for cylinder imperfections and casting defects. Once a Block is determined to be up to our specifications, the cylinders are then bored and honed to match each individual piston, the head surface is then planed to raise compression and ensure head gasket sealing surface trueness and finish. Bolt holes are cleaned and taped to ensure proper torque loading and thread integrity. Crankshafts are inspected, cleaned, checked for warping and polished. Rods are cleaned, inspected and measured to check for weight differences, balance and out of round and then balanced . All short and long blocks cylinders are measured in six locations to prevent cylinder out of round, and taper. Rings are filed to fit to create tighter end gaps over the sloppy OEM gaps. Each crankshaft bore is measured four times and checked for proper alignment. All measurements are recorded and included along with the parts list. All short and long blocks include oil pump, oil pickup tube, oil pan and water pump and timing belt. Long blocks include the valve cover and intake manifold.

The level one engine with 180+hp is 3949.00 this includes Eagle rods, aluminum hi-performance bearings, ARP fasteners, JE pistons and Rings, available in 10.5:1 compression, performance cams, CNC ported and polished heads 33 intake and 30mm valves, VCT removed, Ford Racing Oil pump, Etc…

The level two engine with 200+hp is 5949.00 includes above parts with additional racing components…

The level three engine with 240+hp is 7949.00

The level four engine with 280-300+hp 9949.00 full race with turbo or supercharger and NOS…

You have a rough estimate on a long block setup built for boost?

Turbo or supercharger how much boost and what mods do you currently have?

Turbo, 25psi+, and nothing as of yet for the motor. I start building a contour zetec but haven’t gotten very far. Just have the head torn apart lol. I started working on it but I relocated for a job about 1500 miles from wisconsin so my car is kinda on hold.

ill get you a price in the morning

Awesome thanks :wink: You use aim yim or msn? If so pm me. I am in the process of a LARGE buildup on my z and need some help. Thanks

well we are always glad to give tech support and solutions