I've over 100 collector carsI think I want the ZX2 over the rest!

TO me it’s a modern Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloche, They’re worth gold now! AND DESERVEDL

Y SO WITH THEIR WOOD AND LEATHER, 5 SPEED, TWIN CAMS, WEBERS * BUT WOULD I WANT TO THROW MY DOGS IN THE BACK AND DRIVE IT ANYWHERE DAILY?? I think not! To me the ZX2 is as handsome, probably handles better, is as fast, I swapped a larger ARB in the boot for a bit more looseness and the turbo engine will screw in easily and make the car STUPID fast IF I FELT THE NEED~~~, IT REALLY NEEDS THE 2.5l ENGINE WITH IT’S 2500# CHUBBYNESS BUT THAT’S NIT PICKING