Its quiet in here...

SSHHHHHH you guys are too loud.

I think everyone is just out doing stuff or visiting family.

Yeah. Haven’t seen anyone but the regulars post on here.

Even the attention whores and trolls aren’t posting!

Man… :lol:

lmao j/k. We still love you Chris!

internet problems… hope to be on more.

Trying to get a E32 730i, too. :twisted:

Can you say Cruise Missle?

Awfully busy between two jobs and planning the wedding (11 days!) At least school’s not on top of that still…

  • Darron

This site just doesnt get traffic like it used to… Im always on TeamZX2 and once in a while, Ill check this site.

Can you say Cruise Missle?


One off turbo kit plus fulltime job and gf? I’m trying to get around.


So Chris, you haven’t told us if your sound system is in yet. What’s going on with that? Any pics of the system in?

i was thinking that earlyer

See now, he’s been hold out on us. Chris’s New System