So after dropping the subframe in my neighbor’s benz and then disconnecting all the lines… literally 5 minutes afterwards I was called to go fix my neighbor’s ninja which is coincidentally my ex wife’s 250 that i sold to the kid.

he finally bought ALL the parts to fix it, restore it and it’s up and running. It’s back from the dead. The smile on his face says it all.

So for those who say [useless]

I say…

BITE ME, i’m a Ninja 250 mechanic pro!

Nice! Never count a good machine out!

definitely. speaking of not counting machines out, i got my porsche on the road for the first time today! :slight_smile:

I think i heard you say something about glowing rotors? Did they lock up or am I seeing things

yes… indeed… i went through various “emergency stops” to clear up the rotors. Only in the end to find out i had one side working better than the other, and ultimately locking up, causing them to be glowing red, smouldering, smoking… and causing me to pour water on them in fear of them catching something on fire, or worse, causing massive harm to the caliper pistons and seals. In the end all is well, however, my brakepads appear to be glazed, HMMMMM i wonder how that happened LOLOLOL!

to top it off my accessory belt snapped today (how ironic, i bought one to replace it the other day and never installed it) causing my water pump and alternator to stop, ultimately spewing coolant all over the engine bay. Thankfully the engine did not overheat, i caught it VERY quickly, pulled over, no harm done, other than a bruised ego from embarrassment of being stranded on the side of the road. And then i got a flat tire…

What a day.

Funny thing is… it was no one’s fault but my own. So no need to cuss at Porsche, it wasn’t the car’s fault. I should have gone through the preventative maintenance, but let excitement of “OMG I GET TO DRIVE IT!” get the best of me.

I want a ninja 250. Light, quick, great on gas. Mmm…