Is Jayco automotive in business anymore?

In business?..or not in business?

Not sure. He is NOT recommended to purchase from. He has proven that he cannot be trusted in the community. Jayco is on the DNB list (do not buy from).

I tried calling them for a few days , I wanted a stage 3 transmission , but since no one would answer , I had to settle for a brand new oem tranmission .

That was probably your best bet IMO. Someone tried getting a transmission from him and I believe the whole deal went south. OEM is your best bet.

SO ,

Someone finally contacted me and , went on and on about zx2 performance . Who ever I was talking to at jayco couldnt even give me a price for a top of the line tranny , he said he would get back to me tomorrow . I would also like to add that he called me at like 9:45 p.m. using a restricted number . I dont really trust them , they are already fishy in my eyes , sounds like a guy building tranny’s in his garage on his spare time.

                               Thumbs down!

Jayco has been nothing but empty promises as far as I’m concerned… Think about all the parts they said they would make. I think they realized they were in over their heads, and pulled out before they lost too much money. The few deals they have done have been poorly handled with customer service. Nobody can ever reach them… It’s just bad ju ju. Don’t buy from them.