Is Ford's wiring just crap or what?

So I’m STILL having this problem, checked out the wiring and can NOT find out what it is! My 3rd brake light keeps going out on me, it’ll last for a week them “POP” it goes out, I stopped buying the lightbulbs after the 5th one because I’m tired of it.

Any thoughts? Every other single light in my ENTIRE car works but it keeps going out. :frowning:

I got nothing. Maybe you should contact ZX2Fast(mostly frequents that other site) and have him make you an LED reflector brake light. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

Try getting a new socket, or check the fuse box. Maby the fuse is bad??? Dont really know, Now just reading that I doubt that, lmao.

Here’s the crappy thing… It tends to do it religiously about 1 day after if i do 100mph+… one night i was hauling back through backroads hitting 100+, the light went out, slowed down, 10 minutes later it was back on. 100mph, off, 30 minutes later, on… 2 daysl ater, the light popped and fried. Does it every time!

its all the hard braking from that speed!! lol!!

sorry that was whorish of me!

is your car auto or manual??? if it is manual, try putting it in a lower gear and try the same thing, get up to whatever RPMs that you are at when you are going 100+mph. Hold it at that RPM and then gently hit the brake just to turn the lights on and hold it there. If the light turns off, IDK but this could help diagnos the problem

Manual. God have mercy on me if i ever own an automatic.