Is anyone boosted in here ?........I just bought a used gude kit ~

I’m just wondering if anyone is boosted in here ?..I bought a used stage 2 Gude kit ~

PM kicker, he’s the guy to go to for tuning the guide turbos

^ agree. I’m boosted but not by any kit. Kicker is the guy to talk to about gude!

I’m not looking for help with my kit or tuning , I just wanted to see how many miles have they had it boosted for. I have 150,000miles on my ZX2 and was kinda wondering if anyone else boosted with a high mileage car ?

boosted here, too tired to do the math, but I was on a 140,000 km engine
62mph = 100 kmh

86,992 miles(86,991.96688)

1km=0.621371192 miles

Do you think its wise for me to boost it , or get a new engine? I highly maintaine the engine , I dont beat on it ,the oil is changed every 3,000 miles , radiator fluid is clear with no signs of sludge , I have no leaks , engine compression is normal , and all cylinders are go . Do you think it will blow up? Will 7psi be to much ?

The stock internals can and I repeat can (I’d still upgrade) about 200whp, I’m not saying that you’ll be fine because lots of things can go wrong when boosting. You’ll need to upgrade your injectors, you’ll need to upgrade your MAF, and you’ll have to get some darn good tuning. Before anyone tries to tell you that systems like Greddy E-Manage work good, I’ll set you straight. Plain and simple, they don’t work worth a fiddlers damn!!! The problem with the piggy back type systems is that they work great for a week or two and then you’ll find that your car runs like crap. The reason for this is that our PCM learns and corrects what the piggy back type unit is telling it. You’ll either have to go with a stand alone type system or SCT and get your tuning spot on or you will grenade the engine.

So in short, if you have the bucks to spend, go for it, the engine should hold together if the tuning is great and you don’t expect to be laying down any more than 180-200 whp. If you have any intentions of getting a boost controller and turning up the boost, expect to break stuff. Well honestly expect to break stuff anyway.

Thats all I’m going for , I have 42lb injectors , a 70mm maf and all piping , I just need a tune . Well I’m going for it !

good luck…I hope that it all works out for you…

I think it will, If it blows up , it blows up , and I’ll buy a new engine . Does anyone know of a good tuner with a dyno in the new york area?

Never mind …

Oh man, I just ordered a intercooler , oil lines , and a filter . I cant wait man , finally this car will see a turbo .