iPod or something else

what do u think is better, an iPod or some other kind of mp3 player

heres a little tip though, dont use iTunes, i find the interface is HORRIBLE for transfering music. Do yourself a favor, DL winamp, and DL their iPod plugin, and its drag and drop

i use itunes, i don’t get what the problem is. it’s simple, i drag the song i want and drop it into the ipod. i like it. and the itunes cd comes w/ the ipod.

I have an iPod Photo. I use it every day. It’s a 30 gb, but there is no way in hell I am gonna use up that much space in music. I got this for a graduation present, and I have used it non-stop. iTunes has its quirks, but overall, it works pretty well…the only thing is, don’t use AAC for your format of choice, it has a thing on there where you can convert it to mp3 when you are ripping. My g/f has a crappy little other one, it works, but its not an iPod. Anywho, just thought I would offer my $.02…

MP3 players are the shiznit. I got a player smaller then a pager and can hold the biggest amount that SD memory cards have out. It’s also about 5 years old.

Save your money and buy Super Bowl XL tickets.

You buy an IPOD for the name, there are many other MP3 players out there that are just as, if not better for less money. ITUNES is not a bad program if your just using it on your computer, it has a lot of good streaming podcasts and radio stations to listen to and its cd burning interface is very easy. Look into Creative MP3 players, less money, same if not more space for music.

I use an iPAQ.

I bought an iPAQ H2215 about a year ago. It has flash memory along with SD expansion slots, built in blue tooth and infrared.

So I went out and bought a 1gb SD card for the memory so it is able to hold a good amount of mp3s.

Here’s the cool thing, 1gb sd card holds SEVERAL ALBUMS, I never go through a huge album in a day, so I just go home, sync it and put a new album on for the next day. Now the iPAQ uses windows media player 9 so it plays mp3 and movies too, so if i’m bored at lunch and want to watch drifting, autocross or racing, I CAN. It uses very little battery and it’s 65k colors.

on top of that it comes with NEVO (which is the best invention since potato chips) because now when I get home i’ve got Nevo configured for EVERY SINGLE DEVICE IN MY HOME so it can control my tv, my sound system, my dvd player, my cable box and my tuner in my house all from my ipaq WHILE LISTENING to mp3s or watching a movie, it’s KICK ASS>

Now here’s the better thing, I can transfer pictures from my phone after taking them and transfer it via BLUE TOOTH to my iPAQ for a slideshow if I want to show it to my friends, OR I can sync it with my computer and send it via email when I get home! OR I can bluetooth it to my phone and use my phone as a modem and the ipaq has INTERNET EXPLORER and can browse via GPRS.

You can nab one of these little SOBs (H2215) model for about $200.

Not to mention it will sync with microsoft office, so you can email, use excel (which I use to keep track of my finances), microsoft word, microsoft outlook calendar and reminders and appointments, and it can also put pretty much ANY standard .exe on the iPAQ and use it as an added program. It’s 400mhz, the little sucker is a computer in your hand.

iPAQ Beats the living HELL out of the ipod.

I love my ipod. There is not a day that goes by when i don’t use it. When I get back to england I plan on buying the kit for it for my cd player in my car. I should have bought the 60 gig because I filled my 20 gig up quick. I mean I have 4000 songs on it but I want it so I don’t have to take my cds with me anywhere. I don’t know what people are saying about itunes. I think it’s a great program. I have a mac computer though too so it might be better on there.