Hey everyone, glad to be a part of this forum. I recently got a 2003 Ford ZX2, nothing is done to it yet, but I have some sweet ideas in mind.

I’m a college student in Longview Texas, but I reside in Maine. I wanted a car that got good mileage while I was home because my job requires a lot of driving. These cars are fun to drive and have great potential. Some of my visions to come are K&N intake, Borla Exhaust, Turbo, Cam, and then serious suspension all the way around. Right now I’m looking for a front strut tower brace, anyone know where to get one? Thanks.

Here are some pictures of my car.

                                    I took off the tail draggers.

Best color.

What the hell are those tail dragger things for.

Welcome. You will find a ton of knowledgeable people around here. Have a question just ask.

WOW! yours is the frist 03 I have seen in that color! Sweet!

Hey thanks for the welcome. The tail draggers were put on by the previous owner, they were supposed to help with static and not getting a shock when you got out to the car, it didn’t work.

Sharp lookin’ z! Welcome!

Did I mention I love your z’s color?


Nice looking 03… I do like the color also.

First thing to do is get rid of the static straps at the back and take some fishing line to the damn dealership logo… gawd I hate those things… I’ve always told dealerships that if they put one on they’ll be taking it off before I ever drive it off the lot.

Check out I believe it is excelent products (intakes and strut tower bars)