interview with a ford employee

Coupe drescription from Ford employee
As I pulled into work this morning I noticed a small car covered in black and white zebra camouflage. After punching in, I sauntered over to the small two-door vehicle. As I got closer to the car, I noticed the driver’s side window looked like a ZX3’s. A closer inspection confirmed my suspicions. I said to myself, “This is the rumored Focus coupe!” It looks really bad a$$, even through all the camo.
Some of the car’s features include:

*Cream colored Ford Edge-style gauges.
*A sweet looking two-bar chrome grill.
*Chrome accents on the headlights and taillights.
*Chrome exterior door handles (NOT the current style).
*An awesome new interior with chrome door handles (again, an all-new design), vertical HVAC vents, a cool new gauge cluster, an all-new dash, all new seats, all new seatbelt adjusters, all new interior switchgear, the tach and the passenger’s side airbag panel are emblazoned with "Focus,â€? and all-new door handles.
The ONLY carry-over parts I saw were the windshield wipers and the glass, everything else that I could see was new, even the control stalks and steering wheel

its good to be the Roush