interior question

and id like to change to all black so how would i go about changing the whole interior from grey to black

I would recommend finding a junked ZX2 at a junkyard and swap the interior, then sell your old interior. Please do not paint it as that doesn’t not turn out very well same with trying to dye the fabric. If you need help I am sure there are a couple members here who could help your source a new interior.

If your care full and know what to do paint will help but cris is right its better to swap the interior out instead

How easy is it to take off the big center piece. I drilled some holes right above the radio to mount a compass, then the compass broke. :x I’d like to replace it.

Hey Chris Where were you with that little tid-bit of helpful info when I decided to paint my rear seats??? LOL!

Definately replace with a junked car instead of painting. However, use paint for highlighting areas. For example, the oval spots in the rear seat panels of my car I sprayed with Krylon Fusion to accent the rear.