Interior Pic's I did this year

Figure I would show some of you of what I done over winter. This is a great picture that I finally got to upload in bigger detail of what it looks like. When I get a chance I will take a pic of it outside. It is sharp.

DUDE! I like the trunk!

How did you do the ZX2 logo in the fabric on the back of the seat? I have been trying to do this on the trunk carpet but couldn’t get it to look right.

I had yellow2000s/r blow up a huge zx2 logo from the bumper with it made it poster sized print. Cut it out and then line up the thick vinyl material and cut it. Then just some 77 adhesive and it was good to go.

For the trunk. I went to the hardware store and go automotive black carpet. With this it would help blend in the rhino lined subwoofer box and make the nitrous bottle pop out at shows vs blend it more with the old carpet. I took each piece out and traced it and cut it.

Looks very sharp in life. I love it. I got the idea from Bmw M3’s were some people had it were you pop down the seats and there would be a big M3 logo.

Need anything else just ask bud. Thanks for the complement.

I’m loving the back panel, and the nice clean look of the amp and wiring. Looks really good.

keep telling Jason his car looks clean. He’ll do anything for you!!!

But yeah, J as you well know, I admire your car very much!!

Shhh don’t tell him I slept with you that night…since he is going to want it in return… jk jk jk

Thanks guys for the complements. One day she’ll be boosted like yours.

I tried doing something similar in my trunk however at the time I did not have my sub box secure and it tore up the new carpet and logo I put down. I gotta put it down on my list to remake this spring.

Do you have any pic’s of it when it was done?