Interior Lights Dimming

Has any1 had problems with their spedomoter/gauge lights dimming as you brake to come to a stop. This just started happening to me lately. They brighten up as I left off the break and start accelerating, getting the revs up. Could this be that my altenator is going? Or is there something in my car that’s drawing a lot of current? I have an amp in my car, but I had taken my subs out.

My fans also slows down when I press on the break, but I think this happens with most vehicles. I have done the ground mod in the past using 8 gauge wires. Could this have something to do with it?

Any help would be appreciated. I’ve been having problem after problem with my Z. I’m trying so hard to maintain it too.

Yeah, there’s no way around that, it’s going to happen. Everyone’s Z does it. Figure it this way, you don’t need to see how fast you are going when you are stopped, lol.

Perfectly normal, they’ll dim a little bit at a stop, they are power assisted brakes or believe me you’d notice. You’ll also notice they’ll blink hard when you turn on your heater too. It’s normal for a ZX2 to do that, nothing bad, it’s normal.

I guess I could always get one of those capacitors used for amps running big subs. :stuck_out_tongue:

yea but you dont have your system hooked up. My friend used to not have a cap and his head unit would dim real bad and sometimes even shut off and restart. Then he got a 1.2 farad cap and his headunit barely dims at all.