Interesting story regarding the ZX2 today

So something interesting happened today. I was zooming down the highway towards my bike dealer to get parts. Well before I barely got out of town a car was coming off the last Liberty exit and I before I knew it I was being eyed up.

I was doing a moderate 60-65, just taking my time listen to music with windows open. All of a sudden I hear someone screaming, I look over and it was the car that was coming off of the ramp. The woman was yelling out of the car window at me. Im like WTF?!?!? I didnt do anything except get over so they could merge.

I quickly turned the music down to hear what she was saying over the road noise. I could barely understand “I had a ZX2 once… You got any Power Flow?” I was like wtf is Power Flow??? is she talking about my intake, my exhaust or something else???

Well instead of replying I dropped down a gear and jumped on the gas and took off! After a few seconds I backed off and the truck came up on me again and the woman was shaking her hand screaming “HELL YEAH!!! THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!!!” So I did it again…


Weird…I guess you gotta show 'em what’s up every now ‘n’ then…I know I do. :slight_smile: lol

  • Darron

Lol. Weird…Some people…


Very, power flow, lol.

one word… fetish

wtf is power flow.

was she hot?

no she was busted

power flow… huh?

2 much drugs!!!