Interchangeable parts

Okay, so ive read about seats from other cars that will work in the zx2 with little to no effort. What are some other parts that from other ehicles that would improve the performance or visual aspect of the zx2 and from what vehicles would they come from? I want to make a trip this week to the junkyard for my 2001 zx2. I think others would like a comprehensive list too.

a swaybar from an earlier scort is good, 19mm from most and 21mm from wagons and gt’s. you can also get rear disc brakes off any 97+ scort/tracer(not likely) or you can use them from a 91-96 with little modification. they can be sourced from mx3’s and 90-94 protege’s as well. the mx3’s being the oddball of the group. those 2 are the usual things I sell from a jy.