intake systems

who sells aftermarket throttle bodies for escort zx2s and where could i get a performance intake manifold and throttle body spacers? im looking to beef up my intake system a bit.

As for throttle bodies no one really makes a ZX2 specific throttle body. Gude makes a throttle body for us… Other than that you have to use a ZX3 TB and mod it to fit our TB which uses a custom throttle cable bracket.

As for the intake mani there is a guy over on teamzx2 named John p he offers port work for the stock IM and I have heard he actually can make the bracket for the zx3 TB. Other options I have seen people use is the FIRM (for racing intake mani.)… Or a SVT intake manifold. I believe there is little modification for both of those IM’s though.

As for TB spacers forget it, usless in our application. Not to mention there is bairly enough space under the hood with out normal TB and intake. Heck my aftermarket intake rubs on my hood a little, so there is no room for a spacer.

maxbore will port your stock tb for like 130, it’s your best option until you’re pushing serious power. a guy did it on his dirt track car and was happy. as for the mani, the FRIM is the way to go. its a good manifold n/a or turbo from what everyone’s said. I’ll run one soon