intake and tb idea from mexico

i saw this on

That’s a really clean engine bay of a Cougar.

Ok, I’m begging the question you have.

That is the front of a Ka, with a 1.8L Zetec swap probably from a Escort.
(Euro, BTW)

yes its the Ka but i believe its also availiable in south america

Yeah I used to really be into the euro ford scene. ALOT of the guys over there run turbos. The zetec engines have been used over there for many years. I think the intake piping going over the cam covers really looks neat. No room under the hood of the z though.

I think that is a Ka front end, r u sure it is a cougar?

never mind on the last post…sorry

it’s a Zetec rocam inside a Ka, little car from Ford Europe, that car moves good, he’s very light.

Does anyone have a link to what a Ka is? I’m a little interested in what that car is all about.

My bad for jumping at it and saying it’s a Cougar, but at frist glance it looked like a Cougar. I saw that head lights first and that’s what sparked my thought.

and here
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and here
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[url=] ... 2682034489[/url]

Those are 2 commercials that Ford ran and had to take off the air for obvious reasons…

I live in the UK.

Ka’s are cool. I have a buddy with one. Great chassis, PITIFUL stock motor.

ive seen those comercials before the funny i like the first one the best

the first one is definitely better…they do look like fun cars…though with the conversion from pounds a bit more expensive…

I agree the first one is quite funny. The second one was just a bit disturbing to me though.


nice pics carlos looks neat i like the yellow one

The yellow one has Puma headlights.

Ka…sounds like someone from Brooklyn or somthing trying to say, “car.” :lol:

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