Installing Camshafts

heres a how to on cam install

  1. Check camshaft lobe vs. dot on gear relationship. To do this hold the camshaft with the gear in front of you and the dot on the gear at the top. The slot in the gear should be vertical. The nose of the last lobe on the camshaft should be pointing towards the ground.

  2. With the crankshaft in place, install your cam bearings. Install bearings in correct placement.

  3. Rotate the crankshaft around until the 2 dots on the cam timing gear on the crankshaft are facing 90 degrees to the right of vertical.

  4. Install the camshaft so that the dot on the camshaft gear goes between the two dots on the crankshaft timing gear.

  5. Check end play of the camshaft by using a feeler gauge between the front cam bearing and the camshaft thrust surface. You want to see .001" to .002" of end play.

  6. If it is too tight you can use 600 emery paper the thrust surface of the camshaft bearing.

  7. Check the gear backlash of the camshaft where it meets the crankshaft drive gear. You should have .001" you can check this by rotating the crankshaft in the direction of rotation. The cam should stay in place. Rotate crankshaft in opposite direction and cam should slightly lift out of bearings.

  8. Be sure that your lifters are in place before installing camshaft.

  9. Check to see that you have a minimum if .040" clearance between the nose of the camshaft lobe and the lifter.

  10. Coat cam lobes or lifter surface with graphite moly lube.

  11. Important!!! Important!!! When you first start your engine do not let it idle. Run engine at a minimum of 2500 rpm for 5 minutes. Shut off and check engine. Repeat procedure until you have accumulated 20 to 30 minutes of running time on your engine. Let engine cool between cycles. The reason for doing this is to break the surface of the camshaft in and not wear the surface hardening off the lobes

this is all good but what are the tourqe specs? cam caps mainly.