installind a body kit????

I got my invader body kit today and inspected and fitt it today. Everything is lookin pretty good so far with the exeption of a bit of shaving, grinding and molding, but the kit did not come with any hardware to install the side skirts and bumper add on. Does anyone have any experiance with this? What do I use to hang these parts with? Some kinda fastener/rivet/bolt? I have no clue…anyone know of a website that will exlain this DIY that I could check out?


you’d use heavy duty double sided tape with a little extra glue. then screws at the ends

Hold it up in place then use a lil duct tape to hold it in place. Then grab your drill and a rivet gun and rivet the sides to the car. 4 rivets infront of door, 6 at the rear of door, 8 in the door way is what I did for the skirts. I also shaved the body line by sanding off the clear and fiberglassing 2 layers from the skirts to the body followed by a thin layer of bondo and sanding. For the front, you might have to trim here and there, drill some holes, make some brackets to re-inforce the front so it stays stable on the highway… For the rear, I dont kno, are the invader rears a full replacement? If not, line it all up right and use a lil ductape to hold it in place then rivet the hell out of it in the seam. Then sand down the clear and bondo it. If you rivet it enough, you dont have to worry about the bondo cracking.

Thx for all the help, just gotta paint it now.

Looks good:) Good job:)


Any new pics with it painted?

Posted finished product in photo section.