Installed some big brakes today!

No, not for the Z :stuck_out_tongue: I installed some larger brakes on my friends SRT-4 today. New Wilwoods up front. Stopping power is amazing! I think I am gonna have to get some of these for the Z and stang.

Nice! Just gotta convince wilwood to make them for the zx2 again.

I called willwood a while ago before Mike hooked me up with the EGT system. They said while they don’t have a kit specifically for the ZX2, their distributors often mix and match parts where necessary, since those distributors can order parts separately. So if we find out the right combination of parts, we can do the same and bam, big brake kit.

I thought there was a company that made brackets for our cars?

Nope that was Jayco sry

Ray if you can get with a person that is a salesman ask him about a EGT system I believe that is the bases for the big break set up we had

roush is correct, it may also be listed under the protege’. A friend at a fab shop and I were talking about upgrading the brakes on the Z. we were thinking of using calipers from a mustang GT.

Nice. I’ll get on is as soon as I get my standard EGT setup working, lol.