Installed new header today!

What a pain in the AZZ. Its a pacesetter (cheapie I know) so I figured it would be a pain fitment is usually an issue with there products but jez I had to pull the motor mount and rock the engine back to make clearance for the header untill I got it bolted to the head. Then the flange on the bottom of the header was like a 10 degree twist off of the one on the rest of the exhaust so I had to practically unbolt the rest of the pipes to get it to fit, but it was worth it It picked up strong from 4k up so its worth it. Just beware if you purchase a pacesetter product be prepaired to modify and struggle with it for a while lol

lol nice. Im glad you got it in.

I’m on my second pacesetter because when I was getting a free catalytic converter I struggled with it to bolt up right and it twisted the number 3 cylinder pipe and I had to get a new one. Unfortunatly I didnt have much money at that moment so I bought the non-coated header instead of the coated one I had and now it looks like crap so I wraped it with the header wrap crap and even that is started to fall apart.

yeah the non coated are just painted and that immediably boils off and leaves stains lol. I wrapped mine too, looks fine but smells funny. lol

Whats the best header made for these cars?

From what I know and what I’ve heard, Zxtuner 4-2-1 header.

For personal reason I won’t go into on that website, what is the next best header?

I like my Kamikaze. I had ZERO fitment issues, sounds great, pulls great, looks great. But then, I did have it sent in for Jet Hot coating so that was an extra couple hundred bucks.

  • Darron

Its pretty much the same as the Hotshot Header for the ZX2, if you want to keep your cat where its at there is JBA if you can find one, and my personal favorite (easy on the wallet) Pacesetter.

What kind of gains are coming from that header? I’m definitely wanting 4-2-1 instead of a 4-1.

Does the stock cat just unbolt off of the exhaust manifold? I thought it was welded in place on it?

Yes, 2 bolts.

this maybe another duh question, but what is the piping size on most aftermarket headers?

I don’t know about the pipe sizes…

Koi, I felt an exceptional increse up top, not so much in the mid, but the top end is MUCH more free.

  • Darron

well I got to drive it for about a week before it started leaking lol, I guess that’ll teach me to buy the cheap crap. It burned the gasket and is leaking between one and two… figures…