Inside windows

Anyone else find it difficult to clean windows on the inside? i smoke and it streaks something awful.

No problems here. Mine stay clean.

I never can tell if i’ve done a good job until sunset. i’ve used invisible glass, windex, generic crap. squegies(?), paper towels, fresh terry towels, newspapers but im never consistent at it. what do yall use :?

car wash terry towel and Eagle one glass cleaner

If you smoke in the car, you’ll always end up with a gross film on the inside of the windows…

FallenAngel speaks the truth…


i like the stoner invisible glass tooo!

I use invisible glass on the outside and armor all glass wipes on the inside (go back over the inside with a papertowel to dry up the excess) best I’ve found so far.

I have SunTek tint on my windows and I can’t use chemicals to clean them on the inside with the tint. It really sucks because mild soap and water can only do so much.

Eagle makes a product called 20/20 or something that is safe for tint.

  • Darron

I’ve used the Eagle One brand cleaner for windows, and I liked it. I smoke too. :frowning:

I used to do detail at and old job when I was a teenager. Smokers windows sucked the most.

I found a trick though.

Use 00 grade (SUPERFINE) steel wool and window cleaner. spray the window with cleaner, use the steel wool and it’ll loosen the crap up off the windshield (it’s messy), then wipe that off, spray cleaner on the window and clean it like normal. superfine steel wool will get almost anything off of windshields. I learned the trick from someone who did showroom cars and carshows all the time and he used it all the time.

BUT be careful, if you have crappy tint on your car windows it may take it off… I recommend it only for stock windows otherwise use it at your own risk if your windows are tinted aftermarket.