In the mean time

I have a bunch of mods I’m saving up for but I want to change the stock looks, I was wondering if I just bought lowering springs from or any lowering springs for the matter if I could fit 16" wheels on with stock struts?

Or would I need to buy new struts?

I actually just ordered mine from there yesterday (2300)! Everyone I have talked to reccommend getting the S/R struts. Most people say with that much of a drop the stocker struts won’t last long

depends on the age of the struts. I am running a 2" drop with 17x7’s with aging struts. Althought I replaced them when I did the drop because I thought I was putting on the S/R tokico’s. Turns out my 03 has the same struts stock.


You should be fine with 16’s or even 17’s.

I run GC’s with S/R struts and 17 inch wheels.

So in short, you are fine… unless your struts are worn out and need replacing anyway.

Thanks alot guys

What kind of wheel and rubber are you thinking about putting on there?

not quite sure, i’m on a budget for sure lol, i have 500 bucks right now but i want decent wheels and tires, any suggestions for good but cheap?

I guess just go to tire rack and look at the ratings…which ever one is the highest is the way to go with lol.

stay away from Potenza’s