Im BACK!!!

Sorry I havent’ been around lately. Its been a busy summer for me and damn facebook has been taking up all my time with farmtown…

Looks like alot has happened in my absence. Im looking forward to catchin up and seeing whats new!

I will burn farmtown. :evil:

lol… nah honestly been busy with work and getting my motorcycle license. Been riding around all summer in between the rain drops and entertaining way too many people…


:geek: Seriously.

Sweet I got into bikes as well this year. What kind of bike did you end up getting? How was the summer over all?

Ive had 2 bikes over the last 5 years or so… I just got to getting my license this summer.

I had a 2003 Suzuki Katana which I wrecked going around a corner, I hit a patch of sand and last traction after target fixating on the ditch.

I currently have 2006 Yamaha FZ6 (street fighter version of r6) which I hit a deer with. If you want to see there is a video on I did not post it originally but its off me hitting the deer.

That was 2 years ago. I fixed the fairings and have been riding her all this summer.

That’s crazy that is your video. I watched that uhhh maybe like 2 months ago and I seen that thinking “holy crap that would totally suck wounder what happened to the guys bike”. Well behold its you ha ha. That had to mess up a good part of your bike. Sorry for that hitting your bike since that had to suck majorly and glad your ok.

farmville on facebook… haha. i’ve been asked to join. i’m afraid of the time suck it will do toi my life as well so i got a kick out of your farmtown comment.

Thanks Krux! Most of the damage was cosmetic, busted the outer / inner fairings, disconnected and broke the headlight / speedometer wiring harness and busted my turn signal. That was about it. I drove it home afterwards. My g/f gave me a piece of the bike as a key chain before we were going out. lol.

zonkers: Farmtowns not that bad. You plant things and 3 days later you can check them and hire people to harvest them.

You got lucky still. Glad to see your alright. Funny about the key chain thing though

glad to have you back mark! :slight_smile: