I'm BACK!!!!

i have been away for way to long!!! so it turns out that i have been working way to much (on zx2’s and work) but i am back for now with many suspension products for the zx2 on the way (hopefully soon). but yea good to be back, so i will be back on the forum now. talk to ya soon


welcome back Solo!

Lets us know what suspension stuff your doing!

What he^ said.

  • Darron

wellas things are looking right now i will hopefully be making the following:
Undercarriage H-brace
Front and rear tie bars
and a 2 point trunk brace.

All will hopefully be up for grabs soon. I will keep in touch. Is there anybody here that is interested?


trunk brack sounds good let me know

How ridgid will that H-Brace make the car?
What will the Trunk Brace do?

welcome back!

You know I’m interested in all that stuff.

Any new mods Im extremely interested in.


the H bar is pretty tough and oh man is there a difference!! You will see when i post pictures for upcoming AutoX events. As for the trunk bars, they help tighten up our sloppy as rear end. I have problems keeping my back end behind me right now. Mainly because there is snow on the ground :lol: But i will keep all of you updated with pictures and prices. oh and just incase any of you are wondering you dont have to be gutted to use the lower trunk brace.


i want custom struts with coilovers without big ugly spring perches!!! get those custom made for us…kind of like that guy in korea had made for his zx2. they had camber plates up top too…mmmmm