Im Baaaack

Hey guys!
im back at school and back on the board…,. still drivin the Z… whats new with you guys! i missed my buddies!

Welcome back nikki. the sites in a transition stage 4 now. CHris piced a great time to get a new job. LOL

anyway just read the post it should fill you in on things

Welcome back Nikki!

Welcome back!

What college are you attending?
What’s your major?

im still in highschool… last year… im a senior

Man I feel old. I’m in my last year of college.

I’d say welcome back, but then again I’m a newbie here.

last year of college and you feel old?? How old are you?

Hell college ,i feel old im in my 30’s

24 going on 25

Sorry Darth,

I too am 24 going on 25. You aren’t as old as you think.

I’m 23 and I feel old…but then I work at a grociery store with a bunch of highschoolers…

  • Darron

just turned 25 in June, here.

I feel ya Darron. I think what makes me think I’m older is cuz I work at my campus’ bookstore, in the computer store specificaly. I’m the lead Apple Computer Technician, and I can remember when I was just a sales guy, and the youngest here. Now everyone is either a newb or views me on level with my boss. Kids these days, and their crazy college things they do. :wink:

grocery store cashier here lol

quick lets gang up on the MAC user! LOL!

thats cool! glad to see someone knows about macs. I sure as hell couldn’t figure my way out on one.

Hehe. I used to be a total Mac Zelot. But after awhile I noticed I acted like an ass and it was a waste of time. Eh, whatev.

WOW THREAD JACK… but its cool… im use to it! you guys are just add

I’m doing that a lot lately.


im 20 goin on 21 and i feel old as hell wtf whats wrong with me lol wait i know i work at a mcd’s…yea thats it


I’m 21 years old… I thought you guys were younger. I didn’t know I was surrounded by dinosaurs!! :?