If you dont have it yet get it!!

The 22mm adjustable sway bar! Its the most amazing handling difference. The directions are pretty much non existant but if you have any mechanical abilities its np. How do you guyz that have it set it up? What kind of pre-load do you use? Also got the braided steel brake lines installed as well, very nice pedal feel.

Unfortunately I only have a 19mm rear sway bar. At the time I purchased it, it was the stiffest and largest swaybar available. I’m not so sure you really need one that is 22mm because you might start to experience more over steer than desired.

But it is really easy to put a rear sway bar in. Even someone without mechanical know how could look at the old sway bar and say “Oh, I can do that!”

I have the 21mm but I need some bushings bad!!! The stock ones dont work.

i told you i can get you some from summit you just have to use your stock brackets and yes the stock ones work i have them on my car

oversteer is definently there, no doubt lol, but its not too unpredictable, get a good set of tires and throw in a few tenths more rear tow and camber and it should be ok, personally I like it on the lose side lol

join the club on that one; I’m finally getting around to putting mine on now, but still haven’t picked up the bushings…