If I were purchase another car...

If I were to purchase another car to add to my tuner lineup, it would be the…

2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse Ralliart Concept


We are talking about cars we could afford here.
How about you? What would you get?

OOH… pretty. :shock:

Mine would be the BMW 330i with the 6 speed. shivers 8)

For sport, the 05 Mustang GT, for cruise 06 Lincoln Zephyr.


damn! (to the mitsubishi)

aight (to the lincoln)

90-97 miata

I would also love to have an Eclipse. But I really would like to get a mazda6


hell yeah… mazda 6

the new mazdaspeed mazda6 is out now


Hmm…I wouldn’t mind a Colorado Xtreme with the I-5 engine and manual trans. Would also take a Tiberon, Maxima or Infinity FX45. I don’t mind the Mazda 3’s either.

  • Darron

Yummy, yum yum yum!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Mazdaspeed Mazda6s are super yummy!!


The Lotus Elise will always have my heart! Another year from now and I may have one…

Yeah, the Lotus Elise is a very well balanced car. But you can’t argue with AWD.

Oh, I just thought of this yesterday while I was driving and saw a WRX…a Subaru Baja then swap in an STI engine(and MTX if not alreay there). Yeah…that’d be sweet. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

Probably easier to just turbo the stock Baja engine, lol. I think they are closely the same.

A WRX would be a sweet ride to have.


WRX for the win.

05 GT!

We’re talking about cars you could afford. I don’t know about you, but $145,000 is out of my budget.

I suppose I could finance it for the next 60 years, lol!

I was in a hurry and ment to add Mustang. We used to be able to say GT without guessing which one we could be talking about. I mentioned Mustang in my last post. Sorry for the confusion. I do have some to talk about the Ford GT though and how amazing that 5.4L engine really is. Think about it, just a little slower than the Enzo and Porche GT, but has much less power. With little mod chip from Detroit, 800hp tune. DAMN!