Idea From the brake duct post

got an idea from reading the post on the member that built a brake duct to cool his brakes that used the holes in the front fascia. what i i built a dual feed ram air kit for the zx2 and tested it on the dyno would anyone be interested…

May be Pm me and we’ll see whats up.

ill put it on my to do list lol.

yeah id be interested in that, lol dude the more stuff you make for these cars the merrier! lol

THAT WAS ME! :slight_smile:

That would be a very cool idea, I like that idea… I’d love to see your numbers on the dyno with that.

highly interested in anything that stops me faster… :mrgreen:

It’s not a bad idea, but make sure it’s done properly.

Run a 5" pipe (as free of bends as possible) to the outside, with a good lip (not like a funnel, but I can’t remember what it’s specifically called), going to a good size airbox, and then through to the TB. When the air flowing into the air box slows down, it will create a higher density, which will boost engine performance.

Really though, they don’t work until you get to over 100 mph at full throttle. At lower throttle angles, there will be more benefit…

I know there was an RX-7 that used ram air, and went from 187 to over 190 with it. It might not seem like a lot, but at those speeds, getting a mph here or there takes a lot of power. They used a design like the one I just mentioned.