I'd like your opinions on my rear disk setup. EDIT everything is installed!

First off, I love sand blasting.







Big thanks to roushzx2 for supplying me with these, he did a lot to clean them up prior to me getting them. Anyway, I have two questions. I don’t have a set of dust shields, and I’m a bit out of money. So the question is should I even get them, or wait till I can buy a set? How essential are they? Second question is this, the part that mounts the caliper to the main assembly.


If you notice, there are holes that have shown up, and portions of the shaft that the bolts run into are exposed. How much should I be worried about those? Should I try to find newer ones?

Do you off road the vehical? I didn’t think so. Ok the dust shields are there to keep crap from hitting the rottors. I litteraly driven across the US about three times and I have never hit anything that got sucked up into the rottor. I also have not had any dust shields seance I have had rear disc… So I will say this:

I am not telling you to not use the dust shields, but if it were me I would not use them.


Thats the general response I’m getting all around.

Hey, weight savings!!! lol

I splurged for them, but they are like $45 a piece from ford so the choice is yours. I still dont know if Im going to use mine when I get around to doing my swap.

[quote="Darth Maverick "]
Thats the general response I’m getting all around.

Hey, weight savings!!! lol

My point exactly

Primered, and all the parts are ready, install is this thursday!




HELP! First off, am I weird to have this kinda turn me on a bit?



Anyway, I have a problem with the handbrake. It isn’t the 10mm nut on the handle that is the issue, because I tightened that sucker all the way down till I could barely pull the goram handle, and the rear disks still would not engage. I got them from Rob (ZXTuner) and its a “Car Quest” brand. I noticed (after I put them on) that the boxes had two different part numbers, 9280 and 9281. Plus I remembered that on ZXTuner there are different SKUs for it. The boxes didn’t outright SAY that one is for the left or right, and now that I put both on, I can’t tell which. I think my issue is that I have them switched, because this happens. But the cables feel like they are too long.

Driver’s side, disengaged.


Driver’s side, engaged.


Passenger’s side disengaged.


Passenger’s side engaged.


Are they coiled in one particular way? Also, why does the passenger side have that extra boot on it? I’m going to try again tomorrow.

Did you change the center e-brake cable bracket. The metal clip piece that sits about 6 inches away from your e-brake handle under the car?

I have a picture but my server doesnt seem to be working at the moment.

Nope, is that a different part? Because the components lined up.

I just did a search on NAPA, and plugged in the escort GT as my car and came out with a cable that was 55 inches in length, with a conduit of 48 3/4. Searching for a ZX2 S/R gave me a 54 and 9/16th inch cable and conduit length 47 and 11/16th. Did Rob sell me the wrong cable?

before I answer your question about the center bracket, remind me, Mike sent you the rear disk from a EGT correct?

if so then you need to use the center bracket from the EGT for everything to line up. I think the cable from the hand brake to the center bracket on the EGT was shorter then on the zx2. Correct if I’m wrong, but Im thinking your using the center bracket from the ZX2 and not the EGT correct?

Yea, its the one from mike. I just discovered that the length of the two cables are different, so we are going to try swapping them and see if that works. And yes, its the bracket from the ZX2. How would that center bracket be changed though?

Ok the part is actually called the equalizer. But upon review the instructions for the conversion I now do not see mention of that part having to be used. I could be wrong on that but I distinctly remember being told not to forget that part when doing this conversion.

Try what your doing first.

It looks like the equalizer would help. We switched the cables, and now they are evenly pulling the equalizer, but if we had a bit less length on it then it would work. Here be some pics.



How short would it have to be, and if it is essential, why wasn’t it in the how to?

The one i have, which was purchased for the EGT is 12" long in total. I took a picture but my host is still down. Your measurement is from the back of the bracket to the tip of the cable and looks to be 10.5". As to why its not in the tutorial, I dont have the foggiest clue. I just remember being repeatedly told not to forget that bracket.


Wait, so yours is longer? Then wouldn’t mine be better, because it doesn’t have that far to pull?

Also, where the setups different for say an 96 to a 93, or like that? I may have my cable/caliper combo mixed.

the left e brake cable is the same as the right. I used the zx2 center peice and had no issues. my rear breaks came out of a 91.

I dont know if this answers your question or not but, my brake setup is off of a 95 EGT and looks similiar to your engaged / disengaged pictures. Also, Im thinking your equalizer is the same as mine.

I purchased new calipers for a 95 EGT and the e-brake lines at Advance Auto Parts (similiar to Autozone for those who aren’t familiar with Advanced Auto). I specified 95 EGT for both. When you purchased your lines did you specify what car they were for? Did you get the cables from ZXtuner? Doesn’t ZXtuner only sell the S/R disc brake components?

I got them from Rob, but its listed as escort cables, and should fit the 91 to 96 calipers, which indicates its the same design, and that they are all universal. But it being the weekend I can’t get a hold of Rob. I’m getting rather frustrated.

[url=https://zxtuner.com/displayProductDocument.hg?productId=210&categoryId=36]https://zxtuner.com/displayProductDocum ... egoryId=36[/url]