ICE COLD air from vents....

OK so this is the first Ford I have owned…most cars I have owned I have never gotten ICE COLD air from just turning on the vent. It feels almost like A/C when I turn the vent on and the temp selector to cold but when I turn on the A/C that air is a little colder. So my question is, is this normal? or is my A/C activating when I turn the temp switch to cold and have it just on the vents? Trying to figure out why I am getting 200 miles to a tank of gas, and not getting 27 like others I have seen.

Depends on what you which selection you are on. If you have the selector on winshield/floor or winshield, the A/C will activate. But alot of times you can get nice cool air from just turning it to head/floor.

I just have it on the floor-head selection and then turned to the farthest cold. I am grasping at straws to see whats up as far as my fuel consumption. Wasnt quite sure if the cold air was normal or not. Thanks