I wanna kill teenage drivers.

Teenage drivers, their assload cargofull of friends, not paying attention and being negligent.


Thankfully it buffed out, no harm done, just a scrape and you can’t even tell it happened.

Either way I was fucking PISSED! Fucking kids not paying attention.

The kid was honest though and gave me valid info, and was willing to pay for the damages. I called him, had a heart to heart talk with him, told him to be careful and let him know all was good and we left off the phone on good terms.

I’m still pissed. This is a shitty week for me. I wonder if my clothes are going to randomly catch fire, if my computer will explode in my face, or if possibly my ex is going to come back to stalk me with a shotgun or something next.

Yeah n00b drivers suck but we were all there at one time… In Wisconsin not sure if other states have this but we have graduated licenses where you can’t have anyone else in the car for a certain period of time. After awhile though you can have a passenger. Does anyone follow it… no… Its a good idea just needs to be enforced. Driving is a privilege not a right. People need to learn that. Personally I think you should have to take a driven and written test every 2 years… I mean if you know what you’re doing no worry. Just my rambling thoughts.

Every 2 years is a little excessive.

I think people should get a renewal (on road driving test) every 10 years until 65. At 65, every 5 years until you are 80. Then every 3 years with an eye exam until death. Think about all that new revenue for the state?

I also believe that people should have a seperate test of driving on a highway, but that’s just me.

I agree about the highway. Too many douchebags cruise in the frickin’ left lane (fast/passing lane). They’re retards. You stay right unless you’re passing!!! :x :x

  • Darron

There is a law out here in California that is the same prinipel. Almost no enforcement here too.

I’m apparently very good at fixing scratches.

Check it out :slight_smile:



So nice, I can see your reflection. Good thing that worked out for you.

I got hit too…mine won’t buff out though…took it right down to the plastic. Luckily I just got a ww kit and am going to get the front repainted when i install it…


I’m officially convinced that at least 90% of the world’s population suddenly became stupid because i’ve dealt with ignorant people all week and am fed up :frowning: ugh…

at least i still love you guys :slight_smile: w00t for zx2ms.

Glad that you were able to get your scratches buffed out Koi :slight_smile: You did a really good job.
Tonz of stupid drivers around here. They do everything from riding in the wrong lane to trying to switch lanes without looking hence, almost side swiping me… I seem to get that alot :x, very irritating. I admit I did my share of bad driving when I got my license. I rear ended one of my friends :expressionless: Whoops!! I got in one other accident since that time and it wasn’t my falt. I definetly learned from my first accident though.
Anywho I agree. Stupid drivers seem to be everywhere, adults and teens alike.


i witnessed an accident sunday by my house–a kid in a red civic ran a red light -goin about 70 and this old lady hit him and spun him him about three times. then he took off in his car with the back end pushed about 3 feet towards the passenger side, wheel wobbling. made it about 2 miles and then abandoned the car. tried to say that someone stole it. there were like 20 witnesses that saw him driving. what an ass. luckily the lady was ok and went on to her church picnic.

Yeah, stupid drivers are why I love having my car done up…easier to get away from the retards.

I got rearended FOUR DAYS after gettting my Z…dude took off in his Chevy truck and ended up getting tboned by a Sunfire after running a redlight. So while I’m sitting there with the cops after witnessing the t-bone (and after doing 70 in a 45 stock) The drunk douche drove by with the cops there and everything! That’s where the defects in my rear bumper came from. Right down to the black plastic, but at least it won’t rust. :slight_smile:

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um its not all TEENAGERS!!! i find that offensive

The internet is a stupid place to get offended. :roll:

Wow mark, dean and tigress sounds like you all had your share of fun experiences there :frowning: That totally sucks. Kind of like riding the motorcycle everyone says you end up dumping or crashing your bike at least once, seems I got my incident with my car over and done with. Maybe that’ll cure the need for a wreck on the bike eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’d be great Koi, I’d much rather hear of an accident in your Z than on your bike.

  • Darron

I’ve had my share of stupid teenage drivers too…


that’s from a week after I bought the car brand new in 03. Then the damage to the black piece that’s still there came from a kid in a fixed up black ZX2 racing a Civic through traffic. He also managed to go under my car and rip off my exhaust, but that’s fixed now.

You’re lucky it wasn’t your bike. Bike accidents are always a lot worse. I used to own a Ninja- got clipped on the highway by a kid who wasn’t paying attention and talking to his friends. He fled the scene, and I spent the next month in the hospital.

Eeeeek…Fallen Angel I can’t believe there weren’t any witnesses to your accident that could’ve gotten a license plate number or something. That sucks.
Sucks about your Z’s bumper too:( Is it still like that or were you able to get it fixed?


Yes, my poor Z is still like that- that picture was taken only last week. I had the body kit bumper to fix it, but that got stolen… And now it’s on a Cavalier at the police impound and they won’t give it back. :x