I think its a tie...

Between this lady and the lady at that psychotic church… i think its a tie, they both have a few screws loose.

[url=http://consumerist.com/consumer/top/the-second-greatest-thing-weve-ever-posted-crazy-cat-lady-telemarketing-call-187978.php]http://consumerist.com/consumer/top/the ... 187978.php[/url]

lol this ladys crazy she goes crazy on this por guy

:shock: .......That is just crazy.......kinda funny at the same time though.


I had no idea how much pain and suffering telemarketers can do!

That was funny listening to it because I am work Techsupport for a company. This woman sounds like 1 or 2 of our customers.


I’d just tell her. Ahhhhhhh shut your mouth and hang up. Maybe that’ll make her liver rupture.

The new epidemic death my telemarketer.