I saw 2 zx2s' by me the other day!

I am so stoked to find out there are people out here that know what a zx2 is and hook it up!

I saw these 2 within 10 miles of my house!



Now you have to approach them and have a little chat about their cars and Zx2ms.

the first one posts as mr. weeums on teamzx2.com (at least it looks like the same car), the second i have no idea.

nope mr. weeyums car is red / silver and he lives in binghamton which is 1 1/2 hours away. Unless he moved to bum-f**k no-where, thats not him…

he’s right ryans is red and silver w/ a wings west shark wing and gunmetal rims

i like the body kit on the 2nd one was/is it a WW kit un painted or what cant tell.
nwext time catch up to them and get there info

Yeah Ryan’s car also has a different two-tone line used…

The second looks like it does have a WW kit unpainted and a WW shark wing…and zxtuner altezza’s.

I like the second one more but I welcome all z’s.

i sent ryan a p/m to show him this car. here’s what he said:
Wow thats somethin. I really mustve inspired someone. Thats got the mixed kit, hood, and all. Maybe i have a stalker or somethin.
~Ryan :lol:

Both are rice , one needs paint , the other needs a lowering , I’m very upset ~ :shock:

That first one’s TIGHT!!! I love it…needs a spoiler though. :slight_smile:

  • Darron