I need just a few more parts to finish my suspension.

I’ve got most everything I need to be very satasfied with my suspension. I only need a few more parts to be done.

All I need is a rear strut bar, a front sway bar, and any adjustable struts. I’ve found a fair amount of struts but I really want some adjustable ones.

If anyone knows where I can find any of those I’d greatly appreciate it.

aka adjustable coil overs…ugh…very expensive…not sure who carry’s them you would have to look online pretty hard.

rear strut bars are pretty useless for us because the rear package tray does a good job of boxing up the rear end. as far as a front sway bar goes, you already have the biggest one made for the bg chassis and theres no need for more, you may want to use urethane bushings, but it’s really not worth the troubles to get to them. for adjustable stuffs you can either go with ground control coilovers and s/r struts or drop a lot more money into some ksports

I’ve heard a lot about the s/r struts but wasn’t sure I should get em but I prolly will now. Thanks.

s/r struts are great since there made a little shorter than normal one’s so they wont blow out.