I need help with the CD player

Ok i got the aftermarket face and a CD player (tempoary one) but when i got the old face to start coming out it wont pull any further… ALSO i can only get 1 of the knobs off … whats the easiest way to get the rest off.

When you stick the tools in the access holes try pinching the stock unit in between the two tools. The tabs should disengage.

did you remove the climate controls its a clip down by the gas pedal and a cable goes to the back of the radio. :?

Holy crap I forgot about that. Sorry!

Yeah, it’s the climate controls…namely the central control. Also, just keep pulling on the knobs…they’ll come off.

  • Darron

yes knobs will come off but dont just keep pulling there is a rotational spot that will alow you to take it off other wise you will break it.

If you do break em, I got an extra set. I’ll send it to you free of charge.

thanks guys i will work on it this weekend… or next week… out of school for Thanksgiving! You guys sh0ould come down here!!!

I would so be living out my Smoky and the Bandit fantasies with a Texarkana run. That would be awsome.

Just let me know the plans…