I let go of the mustang :(

For those that know me well you know that the mustang meant a lot to me.

A 1978 Mustang II Ghia. I got flicked crap every day for owning that car. “Rustang, it’s just a 2… piece of crap… looks like a pinto” are things I heard all the time. The car was nice, clean, and wasn’t a lambo… or a ferrari or anything fast, but when I was 15 it was the world to me.

She was my first car. Bought her out of a yard of the previous owner who neglected her. She was dirty, her tires were flat, she was nasty, the interior looked like crap. I took her under my wing and restored a lot of it, took care of it and the car came into my garage better than any of the previous owners ever took care of her and I even have a 302 sitting on a stand waiting to be rebuilt to be dropped. The interior is now near flawless except the carpet and the exterior was 3 step waxed every month to maintain the original paint and it’s still pretty.

Lots of memories with that car. She was good to me, I treated her well and kept absolute meticulous and insanely timely service and had her shined beyond belief. She wasn’t the best thing in the world but she was my FIRST car.

I promised myself “I’ll restore you, or I’ll give you to someone who will love you like me.”

6 months ago a new neighbor moved in. He is from modesto california and has a taste in cars I haven’t seen around here in a long time. He’s also my property manager for where we live. He is a super nice guy and eyed that car every day and said “I remember having one of these.” Well, his wife wanted the car and wanted a mustang, they apparently had one like it. They said if they bought it they already had plans to repaint it, drop a new engine in it and restore it. I know he will because he’s done it to cars i’ve seen already, he’s good for his money and he’s a great guy. He is one of the best friends I’ve made in a long time and even share the same interests in wine. I’ve actually learned more about wine from him than ANYONE i’ve ever talked to. He worked for one of the largest wine labels in california.

Tonight the car was paid for and the keys were handed over, I honestly felt like crying as that was my first car I ever had and took insane care of it and took that car under my wing like it was my own child. Nothing special to everyone else, but that car was all I had for a very long time.

For once in my life I felt okay to let go of something that meant a lot to me because I know it’s going to a home that will give it the same love I did. If all goes well I will be picking up this coming week to take it’s place that shared a part of my passion for the vehicular world.

Here’s the only picture to date I have of her.


I wish I could have found a simmilar home for my T-Bird. I’m with you on this, my T-Bird was MINE and that alone made her special.